Thursday, September 18, 2008

Disallowing plebiscite in Kashmir, a mistake: M.S.Sathyu

Disallowing plebiscite in Kashmir, a mistake: M.S.Sathyu

The New Indian Express Kochi edition dated 16th September, 2008

“We did a mistake by not allowing plebiscite in Kashmir,” said veteran political filmmaker M.S.Sathyu. He said that Kashmiris should be allowed to decide on whether they want to be with India, Pakistan or be free.

Speaking at a press conference Sathyu spoke on a wide range of political issues and commented on the present incidents of serial blasts and attacks on the minorities.
He said that be it Kashmir, terrorism or communal issues, it should be discussed across the table. “How long can we go on living in such uncertainty,” he asked.

He said that he had a soft corner for minorities because they were being harassed in certain states. Being a leftist, he could not help making a remark against the present day communist who he said was facing an ideological dogma which came from not taking a correct stand.

When asked how a leftist like him could accept Reliance as a financier for the film, he retorted saying that the NFDC did not have the money to fund movies

Why can’t an independent filmmaker depend on businessmen to make a film he wants to make when the Communist party can build an amusement park or start a new five-star hotel,? he asked.

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